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PCYC kids complete Kununurra Half Marathon

Published: July 29, 2021 12:51pm

Months of training paid off for six PCYC kids when they crossed the finish line at the 21.1km Kununurra Half Marathon.

Wanting to be a part of the community and looking for new ways to challenge themselves, young people from Kununurra PCYC signed up to participate in Kununurra’s 2021 Half Marathon.

With an early wake-up call at 5:30am, ready to be picked up by Kununurra PCYC Programs and Partnership Manager, Rochelle Roby at 6:00am, nerves were running high knowing their months of training were about to be put into practice.

Running through a difficult mix of terrain including bush and tracks, they did not give up, knowing the whole community was there cheering them on. Each young person ran 5.25kms each, with the fastest 5.2km lap by all entrants being completed by our very own PCYC kid, Trayson Simon at 22 minutes and 37 seconds.

Over 20 young people participated in the training sessions leading up to the event, with six children participating on the big day. Young people trained every Monday night for months in advance. Starting by running one lap of the Kununurra oval, the children increased their numbers of laps each week. We loved hearing the children cheering each other on each week to improve their fitness levels.

Running half a marathon is no easy feat and we couldn’t be prouder of these young people for rising to the challenge and doing it with a smile!