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Redevelopment of PCYC Centres in Broome and Carnarvon Commences

Published: March 23, 2021 3:30pm

A long awaited redevelopment of PCYC centres in Carnarvon and Broome began last month.

The extensive works, enabled by a grant from the State Government through WA Police, will see facilities at both centres modernised and extended. The work also marks the first phase of a long term plan to establish PCYC Broome as a Kimberley Youth Resilience Hub for communities throughout the region.

The work in Broome includes a new building for boxing (replacing the aged tin shed), upgrading the indoor stadium by re-cladding the building with new insulated panels, upgraded ventilation and the installation of new large fans. Changing rooms and bathrooms will be modernised and outdoor basketball courts will be resurfaced and lighting added, as well as a new carpark with landscaping.

Meanwhile in Carnarvon, a new PCYC centre is taking shape on the other side of the town through the redevelopment of the old high school. The school’s recreation centre is being demolished to make way for a new PCYC gym complete with new equipment. The arts and crafts building will also be redeveloped and will include a new youth drop in space, classrooms and an auto workshop. The centre will also have a new commercial grade kitchen, upgraded changing rooms and bathrooms and there will be new flooring and painting throughout.

Broome Centre Manager Annie Dann, who was a PCYC kid throughout her childhood, said the redevelopment of the ageing facility on the edge of Roebuck Bay had attracted much attention in the local community.

“The centre hasn’t been touched since I was a kid and this work is exciting for the current young people and the whole community,” said Annie. “Our young people are very inquisitive about what’s going on and most of them have never seen a building being demolished before.”

“When the work is completed, we’ll be able to have more young people and their families at our centre and they’re certainly going to enjoy their boxing in a new facility.”

“The kids are really looking forward to getting involved with the finishing touches once the building work is done and we’ll be creating beautiful spaces throughout the centre with murals and artworks.”