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The difference PCYC support makes

Published: May 04, 2023 1:17pm

At 15, the outlook for Stuart was bleak - disengaged from school and in trouble with the Police.

Referred to PCYC, Stuart joined the Boys Mentor Group. Immediately he connected with role models from the local community and began attending workshops.

Stuart struggled at school due to a learning difficulty and low literacy levels. With help from the Geraldton Flexible Learning Centre, an alternative option for education for young people, Stuart began to improve his reading and writing skills.

To support Stuart's education, at every Mentor Group, PCYC Youth Workers would spend half an hour reading with him. These one-on-one sessions significantly boosted Stuart's confidence in his reading ability. As a result, his school attendance increased and his literacy skills developed to the point where he was able to participate in PCYC’s Drive to the Future program. This was a huge turning point for Stuart as it was a step towards independence.

In the Drive to the Future Program, Stuart passed the theory test and gained his learner’s permit. He is currently working towards completing his required supervised driving hours and obtaining his driver's licence.

At 17, Stuart joined the PCYC Career Coaching sessions. With support writing a resume, practising for job interviews, and applying for jobs, Stuart secured full-time employment.

By 19, with help from PCYC through the application process, Stuart got his first rental. His PCYC cheerleaders then helped him find furniture!

And now? After the difference PCYC made to his life, Stuart gives back by volunteering at the Centre and acting as a role model to other young people at risk.

After giving 150 hours volunteering, he was nominated for the Centacare and City of Greater Geraldton's Youth Volunteer of the Year Award in 2021. In the same year, he became a member of the leadership group at the Centre.

The impact of the support Stuart received can’t be underestimated – from the first days of building his confidence and supporting him to improve his literacy to celebrating his life goals years later, PCYC was there every step of the way. And now he’s paying it forward by supporting other young people in a similar position. That’s the PCYC way.

Stuart Geraldton PCYC