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Celebrating National Volunteer Week

Published: May 27, 2021 10:47am

This month we celebrated National Volunteer Week, taking the opportunity to say thank you to all of our amazing PCYC volunteers for the work they do to help empower children and young people to reach their potential.

PCYC wouldn’t be the organisation it is without the incredible contribution of our volunteers, many of whom have volunteered for years and some for decades. Below are just some of the incredible stories of dedication to PCYC.

37 years at Subiaco PCYC:
Gareth Merriman

PCYC life member, Gareth Merriman dedicated an incredible 37 years to PCYC, volunteering his time to teach Judo to local children. After extensive involvement with PCYC over almost 4 decades, Gareth taught his last class this month, with all of the participants and other instructors sad to see his time at PCYC come to an end.

Over 10 years at Collie PCYC
Michael Cain

Michael has volunteered as a boxing coach for 17 years, with many of those years being at Collie PCYC. Michael began his journey with Collie PCYC training as a boxer, where he competed in a handful of amateur fights. After Michael suffered from a shoulder injury, he decided to dedicate his time to PCYC by volunteering as a coach for their boxing program.

When asked what his greatest coaching achievement has been, Michael said, “Everyone that I coach is my greatest achievement, as long as they feel better when they leave compared to when they came in, that’s what I’m here for.”

Over 20 years at Fremantle PCYC
Adrian Pardini

Adrian and his wife Michelle have volunteered their time for over 20 years to co-ordinate PCYC’s Air Rifles Program across the State. Adrian is well known and loved by the staff and children at PCYC. His approachable, encouraging nature ensures all participants in the Air Rifles Program build focus, concentration and confidence. All of which are transferrable life skills and help young people to reach their potential through life.

37 years at Rockingham PCYC
Maureen Major

Maureen has been an asset to Rockingham PCYC for almost 40 years, volunteering in the kiosk, assisting with the Joey’s All Ability Program and Air Rifles.

Maureen is a star and is passionate about helping out Rockingham PCYC in any way she can.