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PCYC Celebrates decades of Volunteering

Published: May 30, 2022 12:20pm

PCYC celebrated National Volunteer Week this month, recognising the volunteers who make a world of difference to all the children and young people that come through our doors.

It was an opportunity for us to say thank you to our amazing volunteers across the State who help make PCYC the organisation it is today.

Below are just some of the incredible volunteers who dedicate their time so generously to PCYC.

Geraldton PCYC

Theresa Pommery has volunteered every Thursday night at Geraldton PCYC for the past year, providing arts and crafts activities for young people to enjoy. Each week Theresa learns a new craft to teach, ranging from jewellery making to origami. Theresa always arrives with a smile on her face and a big bag full of materials – if she’s not manning the crafts table, she will be outside on the soccer field, putting her soccer skills to use, helping to keep children and young people active and engaged.

Thank you Theresa!

Sarah Collins is a well-known face for young people at Geraldton PCYC. Sarah works with Midwest Yellow Ribbon for Life, providing programs around mental health awareness and suicide prevention. Sarah volunteers her time to run mental health workshops as part of Geraldton PCYC’s safeSPACE™ Program and has been a long-term volunteer at Late Night Basketball.

Sarah’s nurturing and patient personality allows everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable in her presence, making her an asset for children and young people in the Geraldton community.

Thank you Sarah!

Samuel O’Breza is a previous Geraldton PCYC participant, having attended mentor programs, Drive to the Future and Career Coaching Workshops. Since completing Year 12, Sam is now employed and working towards achieving his life goals.

As a way of giving back to PCYC, Sam now volunteers at Geraldton PCYC each week through the safeSPACE™ Program, providing guidance, mentoring and assistance to other young people.

Thank you Samuel!

Carnarvon PCYC

Ann Arden & Debbie Ricetti

Through the love and enjoyment they both feel for badminton in addition to their passion to give back to their community, Ann and Debbie strive to provide a weekly badminton voluntary service at Carnarvon PCYC. Week upon week they ensure the sport of badminton continues to be enjoyed by all members of the community, always encouraging young people at the Centre to give it a go.

Thank you both so much!

Kalgoorlie PCYC

Xavier Lucas

Xavier, affectionately known by the Kalgoorlie community as X-Man, has volunteered for the past 18 months at Kalgoorlie PCYC, dedicating his own time to engage children and young people through his youth boxing program.

As a champion boxer and previous UFC contender, Xavier uses his skills and passion for the sport to help mentor young people, showing them how to harness their energy and use it in positive ways.

Thanks Xavier – we love your work!

Deb and Paul Shaw
Michael Caulston
Angela Dix

Kalgoorlie PCYC are lucky to have four volunteers who generously give their time to coach Air Rifles to young people in their community.

Deb and Paul have volunteered their time for over 10 years as Air Rifles coaches at Kalgoorlie PCYC. Ten years ago Deb and Paul’s children began participating in air rifles at PCYC, which is when they began their volunteering journey. Years later, Deb and Paul are still dedicating their time to ensure all participants in the Air Rifles Program build focus, concentration and confidence.

Michael and Angela have dedicated over 30 combined years to volunteering at Kalgoorlie PCYC. Similar to Deb and Paul, Michael and Angela had children participating in Air Rifles at the Centre, but their commitment to volunteering as coaches continued years after their children left.

Thank you Deb, Paul, Michael and Angela, we couldn’t do it without you!

Gerhard Weaver

Passion for a sport he loves is the reason Gerhard has been volunteering as a Judo Coach for over 20 years at Kalgoorlie PCYC, following in his father, Ian Weaver’s footsteps, who is a PCYC Life Member and long time volunteer Judo Coach at Gosnells PCYC.

Thanks Gerhard!

Subiaco PCYC

PCYC Life Member Chris Samios, John Geyer and Jonathan Tan

The Subiaco Tigers Wrestling coaching team have dedicated many years volunteering at Subiaco PCYC, fuelled by their passion for the sport. Extremely experienced, they have led many young athletes to success, gathering a considerable amount of medals and awards!

Growing up, Chris’s father was a champion wrestler who put a lot of time and effort into the sport. After Chris started wrestling, it became clear to him that volunteers were a vital part of the sport. Chris began his wrestling journey at the age of 12 and was a State Champion for many years before becoming an accredited coach.

When asked what his favourite part about volunteering is, Chris said, “Volunteering makes you feel valued. It's very rewarding to see young people develop into stronger, more resilient individuals. It's not just about learning wrestling; it's about acquiring important life skills.”

Chris, we can’t thank you enough!

Rockingham PCYC

The passionate bingo volunteers at Rockingham PCYC have been helping run this popular community activity for nearly 30 years. Bingo is looked forward to every week by hundreds of local residents and without the commitment and dedication of our volunteers, this activity would not be possible.

Thank you everyone for your amazing community spirit!