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Leaping into competition season!

Published: October 03, 2023 9:17am

It’s been a huge season so far for PCYC gymnasts as competitions come into full swing. Many young gymnasts and coaches have been travelling across the state to compete. PCYC’s teamwork spirit is embodied by some of our most experienced coaches, who travelled to other PCYC centres to share their knowledge and expertise.

Chloe Gibb, the Fremantle coach, and Nia McCully, Head Coach for Gosnells PCYC, recently visited Collie PCYC to help judge their Winter Challenge competition. Fiona Hearn, who coordinates gymnastics at Fremantle PCYC, travelled to Albany PCYC to serve as judge for their Winter Challenge competition.

During the July school holidays, Fiona also shared her 30 years of gymnastic expertise at Bunbury PCYC, teaching a range of gymnastics workshops, helping to prepare young girls and boys for the big competitions ahead.

PCYC Regionals ramp up around the state

This time of year has been especially busy for Gosnells PCYC who have hosted three gymnastics competitions: the Winter Challenge, the PCYC Regional Competition and the Lower Level Regional events.

Over 70 gymnasts attended the Regional competitions and 150 attended the Lower Level events from eight PCYC Centres – Albany, Bunbury, Collie, Fremantle, Gosnells, Kalgoorlie, Rockingham and Subiaco.

The two-day competition was full of fun, excitement and camaraderie as the Centres supported one another. The gymnasts demonstrated the skills they’ve been practising since the beginning of the year, with two goals in mind – achieving a new badge level and earning a spot at the State Championships later this year.

Dustin, 16, from Bunbury was very proud of himself after he managed to present a skill he had only nailed a few days before the competition.

Bekker, aged 9, and his coach Gerry, agreed that the main point of competitions is to have fun. This was Bekker’s 8th competition, and he was extremely excited after grabbing the top spot in his classification for almost every event!

A highlight of the Boys' competition was watching the top-level gymnasts compete. Their impressive skills, strength and flexibility amazed their audience, especially the younger gymnasts who got a taste of what the future might have in store for them!

The competition was a huge success. Nine-year-old Wesley from Kalgoorlie PCYC stated that he didn’t want to leave. This was just his first regional competition since he started gymnastics earlier this year.

Albany PCYC concluded September’s competitions, hosting the final rounds of the Regional competition, where gymnasts from Albany, Bunbury and Collie competed in Level 3, 4 and Optionals at the Southwest event.

All the gymnasts should be extremely proud of their performances and can now cast their eyes on their next target: the WA PCYC State Championships at the end of October.