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Changing children’s lives one wave at a time

Published: August 23, 2022 11:23am

Young people in Geraldton have been empowered to wash away their troubles after learning how to surf as part of PCYC’s safeSPACE™ Program.

Shaun Glass from ‘A Glassy Day’ Surf Coaching has been delivering surf workshops to local young people once a week in partnership with Geraldton PCYC, the WA Police, Geraldton Sporting Aboriginal Corporation and Meedac.

Some young people who visit Geraldton PCYC deal with trauma, anxiety, depression and lack of self-confidence. Being in the water, weightless and gliding through the waves has helped them to feel a sense of peace and calmness, empowering them to overcome the struggles that they face on a day-to-day basis.

Having been through trauma in the early stages of her life, Shaun started ‘A Glassy Day’, knowing first-hand the benefit surfing can bring to those struggling. “When I was 25, I was severely depressed and figured out there were two ways to go, one was to check out and the other was to get help, so I know what’s it’s like to find yourself in the ocean” she said.

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“I felt like the old, disturbed Shaun was left on the beach and I was somewhere else.”

Geraldton PCYC Centre Manager, Talya Quinn said, “We can already see such a difference in our young people, the water provides an escape from their daily challenges and helps to wash away their troubles.”

“You can see their moods shift after experiencing the benefits of being active, engaged and out enjoying nature.”