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Collie PCYC celebrates International Day of People with Disability

Published: December 04, 2019 12:00am

It was a fun day at Collie PCYC as everyone gathered to celebrate International Day of People with Disability with a special event from their school-based ‘Gym Enhance’ program.

Collie PCYC received grant funding from the Department of Communities to host a special event that showcased gymnastic skills that participants of the Gym Enhance program learnt throughout the year.

Gym Enhance, funded by the Mazda Foundation, is a school-based Gymnastics program for young people living with a disability.

Parents, siblings, teachers, principals and local community members attended the event which included a special performance from program participants.

Collie PCYC Manager Linda Gallagher said all the kids did an outstanding job, displaying their skills, and cheekily inviting their parents to have a go.

“To see our young people having so much fun, demonstrating such perseverance and resilience was incredible. I saw such an improvement in their core strength and balance from their first class to now”, she concluded.

A special thanks goes out to all the volunteer coaches and senior gymnasts who helped make the participants feel comfortable and enjoy their special day.