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Dakota, the voice for local young people

Published: May 15, 2020 12:00am

24-year-old Roebourne PCYC Activities Coordinator, Dakota Tahi Tahi, has been invited by the Roebourne Elders Council to become a member of the Gathering Team 6718 ‘Yandi for Change’.

Yandi for Change works to support the Roebourne community to lead fulfilling lives with a strong connection to culture through healing and strengthening families. They also develop meaningful and respectful relationship with service providers of Roebourne.

Bibin Roy, Manager, Pilbara Incident Management Team, Department of Communities and the Gathering Team Secretariat Support, said the Elders recognised Dakota as an emerging leader in the community and a young person who could play a valuable role in the council.

“With her commitment and vision for young people in Roebourne, and a passion for what she does, this invitation is a credit to her and the great work that she does within the local community,” he said.

David van Ooran, PCYC CEO said, “Every PCYC is unique depending on the local community and needs of the local children. When the local population has a high number of Indigenous children we endeavour to work with local Aboriginal Community Organisations and Elders to deliver the right services for each community – so for Dakota to be the voice of the local young people is a real honour.”

Dakota has had a strong connection to PCYC for over 12 years, first participating in PCYC activities as a child, then volunteering at the age of 18, before becoming an employee in 2015.

As Activities Coordinator, Dakota plays a vital role at PCYC developing and delivering recreational activities and developmental programs for young people.

The Gathering Team meet weekly to discuss and implement ideas on how to meet the needs of the community and play a key role in delivering the 2019 Roebourne Services and Facilities Strategy as an established Town Services Team.