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Kalgoorlie’s X-Man wins Emergency Services Personnel of the Year Award

Published: March 30, 2022 7:49am

To recognise the contribution of outstanding individuals in Emergency Services in the Community, Officer Xavier Lucas was awarded the Emergency Services Personnel of the Year Award.

Officer Xavier Lucas won the 2022 award for running the boxing program at Kalgoorlie PCYC in addition to being a full time Police Officer.

Xavier works closely with Kalgoorlie PCYC, dedicating his own time to engage children and young people through his youth boxing program.

Boxing is a highly structured sport, which requires dedication and discipline. As well as improving cardiovascular fitness and muscle condition, it teaches importance concepts like resilience and respect. The mental focus makes it a perfect sport for young people at risk, who can learn to harness their energy and use it in positive ways.

Xavier dedicates hours of his personal time each week to ensure children and young people in his community are active and engaged so that they can reach their potential and stay on a positive life path.

Xavier, affectionately known to the kids as ‘X-Man’, has gained the respect of many children and young people in the Kalgoorlie community, becoming a strong role model to many.

We are so grateful for the time Xavier gives and all the other Police Officers who generously support their local PCYC.

X-man award