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PCYC kids give back to their local community

Published: July 29, 2021 12:40pm

Young girls in Geraldton were busy giving back to their local community in the school holidays through a 'Give Back Volunteering' project organised by Geraldton PCYC.

During the first week of the project the girls volunteered their time at the Geraldton Dog Rescue where they were able to wash, dry, walk and play with different rescue dogs. Not only did they pamper the dogs, but they were taught how to check their microchips and learnt how to use a stethoscope to listen to the dog’s heartbeat.

Staff at the dog rescue taught the girls about safety for dogs and other animals, including an information session around how the facility runs and how to care for pets.

As a reward for their hard work, the girls were able to make name tags for their own dogs and were given a collar to give to their pets. Because the girls were so enthusiastic and professional, they have been invited back for a charity event later in the year to help raise money for the dog rescue centre.

But the volunteering didn’t stop there! The girls group also gave up two days of their school holidays to volunteer at the Salvation Army. The girls got stuck in straight away, helping to organise clothes racks, re-stock the pantry and fill the storage cupboard with sleeping bags and blankets for homeless people. The girls also helped to prepare and serve food at the Salvation Army’s NAIDOC Week BBQ.

A big thank you to Geraldton Dog Rescue and Salvation Army Geraldton for providing the opportunity for young people to give back to their community through the amazing work that you do.

Girls Group Geraldton PCYC
Volunteering is a great way for the girls to connect with the local community, develop new skills, gain confidence, improve their employment prospects and interact with new people.
— Geraldton PCYC Centre Manager, Talya Quinn