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Kalgoorlie Kids learn the truth about drugs & alcohol

Published: October 27, 2021 12:40pm

A local Renal Health Nurse joined a safeSPACE™ workshop at Kalgoorlie PCYC to educate children about the risks of drug and alcohol abuse and the negative impact they have on the body.

SafeSPACE™ is PCYC’s core diversionary program, a place where young people can relax, make friends, and enjoy a range of activities.

Nurse Jude taught the safeSPACE™ participants about the function of the kidney and the toxic effect of drugs and alcohol on the body.

Kalgoorlie PCYC Centre Manager, Julie Beeson said, “Having a qualified nurse speak to the kids was an interactive and engaging way for them to learn that what they put into their bodies matters.”

“It definitely made them stop and think and hopefully the session will stay with them when they face choices in the future.”

Emotional wellbeing has also been a focus for safeSPACE™ participants. The same group were encouraged to find five people they trust by creating a ‘network hand’. This activity helped the young people to identify their support system, people who they trust and who listen to them. We love that PCYC was one of the five trusted people for many of the children.