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PCYC’s IRESPECT iniative inspires young girls

Published: June 29, 2022 11:27am

PCYC's safeSISTAS program exists so that girls can come together to have fun, make friends, and create relationships with female role models in the community. The program focuses on increasing health, wellbeing and self-esteem, while teaching important life skills in a supportive and nurturing environment.

After some anti-social behaviour in the community, PCYC Youth Workers Melanie Koens and Jenny Brown, and Youth Police Officer Monica Lee, had the idea to work on a values project, hoping to instil positive values in girls attending the safeSISTAS Program.

From what was originally a flash of inspiration, the project grew until it far surpassed the Broome team’s original hopes.

When introduced to the ‘I RESPECT’ values, the safeSISTAs girls took ownership of the project and started to share it more widely in the community.









Each week, PCYC mentors would explain the meaning of the words representing the I RESPECT values and discuss them as a group. After each session girls were encouraged to award one of the I RESPECT values to one of their peers and explain why, encouraging positive thinking and communication.

After a few weeks the girls became eager to share the values at school and acted as advocates for the I RESPECT initiative within their community. By showcasing positive attitudes, leading by example and acting as role models to other students, teachers at their school reported a difference that the values project was making.

As the girls were so engaged with the project sponsorship was sought for t-shirts that the girls could proudly wear and a sign that the girls could use to introduce the safeSISTA’s values to other PCYC participants. Thanks to funding from CHC Australia, PCYC were able to purchase I RESPECT shirts and a sign which now also acts as a constant reminder to uphold the values.

CHC Australia provides helicopter services that enables customers to reach challenging destinations and come home safely. A big thank you to CHC Australia for enabling the project to come to life.