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An exclusive excursion

Published: September 27, 2022 10:34am

Quite the privileged excursion was planned for Kensington’s Institute of Training Certificate I in Leadership students: a visit to the impressive building of Mineral Resources Park in Lathlain, home ground of the West Coast Eagles.

Tours of the site were halted for the past year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, so our students were the first few selects to get the VIP treatment!

After learning about the history of the club, doors usually closed to the public were opened just for our students: they discovered the modern press conference room, the ‘kicking shed’ - a huge indoor stadium to practice drills, three indoor pools for muscle recovery and a gym containing the latest technology equipment, with some machines worth more than $100,000 each!

Up next was learning about the athletes’ nutrition: a footy player should eat every three hours, and lots of vegetables and fruits! When asked if they could sustain such a healthy diet, two students said in unison “No!”

The special visit ended with a training session giving them the opportunity to kick the oval ball.

Hannah and Emma, two 15-year-old twins who usually watch more soccer than AFL, have been converted to footy for the day - “Mum said that in the family we’re usually more Dockers fan, but we’ll have to be West Coast Eagles fans now!”

Hannah explained that she joined Kensington’s Certificate I in Leadership because traditional school just wasn’t going well for her. Now, she’s motivated to continue with her studies and plans to sign up for a Certificate in General Education – still with her sister Emma as her teammate.

Thank you West Coast Eagles for the exclusive opportunity!