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PCYC Leadership students team up to feed the homeless

Published: August 23, 2022 11:26am

Students from Rockingham PCYC’s Certificate I in Leadership Course have been busy making breakfast bars for the homeless after brainstorming ways to contribute to their community.

An excursion to Soul Kitchen inspired the students to start making breakfast packages to deliver to the kitchen. During their visit, they learnt about emergency parcels and how to pack them as well as what kind of items homeless people benefit from receiving – one of these items being breakfast foods.

Rockingham PCYC has recently partnered with Second Bite, who provide fresh bread and vegetables that the students can take home with them. Some of the items will also be used as ingredients for the breakfast bars and other items will be donated to Soul Kitchen.

Exposure to community participation is a core part of the Leadership I Course at PCYC, with one of the core requirements being to take part in a community project to give back to those in need.