WA PCYC delivers Outreach services in North West Metro

WA PCYC North West Metropolitan Program in partnership with the WA Police, have been busy delivering loads of activities to young people with Outreach kicking off again this term.

The sessions are held on Wednesday afternoons from 3:00pm – 5:00pm at Kingsbridge Reserve in Butler in partnership with the City of Wanneroo, helping to provide an environment where youth can participate in recreational activities. The program is also supported by WA Police, who aim to increase the relationship between law enforcement bodies and local youth.

In addition to boxing, the WA PCYC North West Metropolitan program are also currently providing youth at risk with free boxing classes on Friday afternoons, in Clarkson. The sessions aim to increase engagement with youth by providing them with ‘something to do’, as an alternative to engaging in criminal activities.

Classes are aimed at youth aged 12 – 17 years, and run on Friday afternoons from 4:30pm – 5:30pm during the first school Term, with youth being referred to the program by WA Police, Alta One, Butler College, Clarkson Senior High School and Clarkson Youth Centre.

Sessions are delivered by a qualified instructor, at the Samardali family private gym, Boranup Avenue, Clarkson. The provision of the training gym, the original training ground for son Jordan Samardali who represented Australia in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, is a generous commitment to assisting local youth within the area.

The boxing program aims to build youth self-esteem, teach discipline and self-control, whilst promoting the benefits of boxing as a sport. Youth will be provided with disciplinary training and refreshments and healthy snack with during and after the session.

This initiative is part of the WA PCYC North West Metropolitan Region program, which in partnership with WA Police, aims to expand outreach services into this area to increase youth engagement, in order to steer local youth away from crime. This initiative aims to reduce and prevent crime risk situations by engaging and enabling school age youth to socialise, participate in constructive activities and learn new skills.

“By providing local youth, especially those at risk, with free after school activities, our aim is to steer youth away from other unsocial behaviour that is common in the local area. This is great program and would not be possible without the generous support from the Samardali Family and the WA Police Force” WA PCYC North West Metropolitan Program Coordinator, Chrissy Howard explained.

For more information regarding the delivery of these programs, please contact WA PCYC Outreach Manager, Mark Finch on 0438 994 012.

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