PCYC makes life-long impact

Food and fun for kids at the Harvey Norman Kalgoorlie fundraiser


Local Harvey Norman franchisee Scott Waldron raised over $3,000 for Kalgoorlie PCYC with a special community event in front of his store recently, and he’s aiming to more than double that amount next year.

Scott is a staunch PCYC supporter from way back in his days as a teenager in Penrith NSW when he was heading down the wrong direction in life.

“I was around 14 years old at the time and without much hope for the future, but PCYC Penrith pulled me out of the downward spiral I was in,” says Scott. “I got involved in the boxing program and then in some of the other training programs and it really sorted me out.”

Later on, Scott got a job as a salesperson at Harvey Norman and after stints in 14 different stores across Australia, he worked his way up to owning Harvey Norman Kalgoorlie. After arriving in the town around 12 months ago and hearing about PCYC there, Scott decided the time was right to give back to the organisation he says helped him on the road to success in business and life.

“Someone came into the store and asked if we could help with raffle tickets for PCYC and I thought we can go one step better,” says Scott. “We organised a fundraising barbecue with entertainment including a bouncy castle outside the front of the store and there were lots of kids there and people from around the community.”

“We raised the $3,000 by raffling prizes and we’re aiming to get to more than double that through fundraising ideas we’ve got for next year.”

“Back in my youth, Penrith was a fairly rough neighbourhood and there wasn’t much there for kids to do.“

“I’m convinced that if it wasn’t for PCYC, I would be sitting at home unemployed instead of owning a business like this and being in a position to give back and help a new generation of kids who need it.”

Julie Beeson, Kalgoorlie PCYC Centre Manager said, “We see staff putting in so much time and passion into helping young people, it’s not often we get to see the positive outcomes that happen years down the track, so when Scott approached PCYC wanting to help, it was heart-warming for us all.”

“All of us here at the Kalgoorlie PCYC greatly appreciate Scott’s generosity and are amazed by the community support we have received.”

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